The Subjective Objective Live at SXSW Interactive

At South by Southwest 2014, Nicole Brydson presented The Subjective Objective: Building Maker Media.

Exploring how to build a localized media that supports and strengthens independent artistic and maker communities through digital content and commerce free of commodification.
The sum of honest subjective expression among individuals creates the most objective picture to understand the objective truth about a community. This user-generated picture best informs us and answers the question, how shall we live?

The action of sharing informed subjectivity based on experiential knowledge – distinct from bias subjectivity or lack of knowledge – has the power to transform. The universality in our specific experiences of community, art and commerce create a lattice between user and community, artist and audience, which is able to propel deep dialogue forward. This is best achieved through open source digital connection and the establishment of free culture without surveillance, which ingrains trust and transparency at its core, treating users equally on a horizontal platform.