Misfit Media worked with founder Natalia Linares, leader of the artist advocacy organization Conrazón, to launch a new website featuring a blog about artist advocacy. Natalia has written extensively about art, culture and politics while working with creators like Los Rakas, Chicano Batman, Nani Castle, start ups like Patreon, and organizations like the Sacramento-based center dedicated…

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Misfit Media built a suite of sites for Sunnyside Films, their founder, actor and producer Michael Izquierdo, as well as for their film projects The Weekend and The Last Day of August, in which our design director Rhett Henckel also starred and designed the movie poster. We’re a multifaceted bunch here at Misfit Media.

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Misfit Media designed the website for The Grand Bar & Grill, one of Brooklyn’s finest establishments serving classic American bar and steakhouse fare, at 647 Grand Street between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue in Williamsburg. We were inspired by the owners’ craftsmanship in building their beautiful bar, dining room and…

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