About our work

Since 2009, Misfit Media has created multimedia content, websites and branding for creative people and projects across industries while developing the open source media network interchanges.io.

Misfit Media works with independent people and projects to get to the heart of a project’s objectives, direction and scope in order to develop a unique multimedia strategy that matches high end design with robust management tools to support creative projects.

Most recently we built an e-commerce and portfolio site for the artist Jimmy Thompson to sell original fine art works and display his vast portfolio of commercial work in a holistic design bridging his two identities; directed and produced Somatica Sessions with Celeste and Danielle on YouTube; Nicole spoke about truth to power at the 2019 Women’s March.

Misfit Media is owned and operated by the married team Nicole Brydson, creative director, and conceptual artist, technologist, writer, and director, from New York City; and Rhett Henckel, chief technology officer, and actor with an Master’s in Fine Arts, originally from San Antonio, Texas.

Nicole is available by the hour for phone consultations to help you map out your goals, and your process towards achieving them in professional, creative or personal projects. Learn more here.

The company was founded in January 2009 with the launch of BrooklynTheBorough.com, a local digital journalism project based on a weekly column by Nicole that previously wrote for the New York Observer.

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