Hey! I’m Nicole! I am a digital consultant and creative coach who can help you discover a strategy for sustainable success.

You can hire me to create, write, direct, design and produce content; develop your website; and support your vision, with business development, mission building and brand design.

Navigating the path to success can be daunting. Our uncertainties and anxieties can quickly cause us to lose our way if we don’t have important touchstones and guide posts to get us to our destination.

After over two decades in the working world, founding and running an independent creative business for over ten years, directing and producing video content, writing for magazines and newspapers, building digital media for businesses and non-profits, editing a book, playing in bands, managing musicians, creating viral memes, and over eight years experience in the gig economy on Airbnb, as a super host and frequent traveler, I have found unique ways to manage and successfully complete this wide variety of work.

Get guidance on building a new future for yourself, your career or company.

Get support figuring out the big picture or finding the right words to get there, with writing or copy editing, strategizing, logistics and production. Let’s connect over your needs in order to:

  • Build and maintain a successful creative career or independent business
  • Create your brand or pivot an existing one
  • Actually balance work and life
  • Find inspiration when it feels like there is none
  • Transition from having a job to starting your own company
  • Establish or reinvigorate your creative career
  • Bring a feminist perspective to your life or work
  • Publish authentic content about your career or your company
  • Discover the operational tempo that maximizes your productivity
  • Expand your self-awareness and understand your own power
  • Find and create opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Enhance your leadership style
  • Proactively confront colleagues to create solutions
  • Work through and solve problems with an outside sounding board
  • Expand your business with websites and e-commerce
  • Apply strategies to position your career, company, or creative portfolio in the media
  • Get started with or expand your organic social media following
  • Optimize your search engine results
  • Apply workflow automation to your job or business
  • Apply emotional intelligence skills to your professional relationships and communicate fully
  • Learn how to create passive income opportunities for your business or creative project
  • Learn from history and apply context for modern settings
  • Move towards true collaboration by decolonizing your groupthink
  • Incorporate market intelligence on art, culture, media, politics and their intersection with business
  • Plus a lot more, just ask!

You will come away with:

  • A clear set of deliverables
  • Clarity and focus around immediate needs and goals
  • Outside context for your predicament, reducing blind spots
  • Concrete set of actions as next steps toward achieving goals
  • Insight on your market position in the short and long terms
  • Timeline of actions and deadlines to stay accountable

Phone Consultations

$100 per hour with a one hour minimum

  • Now, tell me about you!

  • This can be anything, you name it.

Referral Promotion

Get one free 30 minute call for every new referral you make, valid after the first new referred session has been completed, scheduled according to availability.

Payment accepted via PayPal to nicole at misfit – media dot com.