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  Misfit Media designed branding and built a new website for The Outfit Theatre Company, run by artistic directors Rhett Henckel and Nat McIntyre, who met while getting their MFAs at The Old Globe in San Diego, California. Their co-creation Jester’s Dead became a cult underground hit in New York City.

More than a few lucky audiences have had the pleasure of experiencing The Outfit’s original Shakes-parody project Jester’s Dead this summer. On August 2, 2012 The New York Times took notice and recommended catching the final show of the season. “This critically acclaimed exercise in action-packed parody has a simple, happy formula:…

Misfit Media garnered a few mentions in the media about The Outfit’s latest production of Jester’s Dead, a Shakespearian parody of the legendary film Top Gun. Best New York Comedy writes, “This show begins with a delightful concept…and then executes it with the joyful craft only a sharp, tight theatrical ensemble can create. Everyone in the cast is terrific.”